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The benefits of leasing a bike as a self-employed person.

Ultimate Speed
Speed pedelec €4,199
Urban Arrow Family
Electric Cargo bike €5290
Gazelle C8+HMB
E-bike €3,299
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Don't worry about unexpected costs. Your lease amount includes insurance, maintenance and 24/7 breakdown assistance. We've got you covered.

Perfect combination

Do you already have a leased or private car or public transport card? It is possible to combine a lease bike with all forms of transport.

All bike types & brands

You can choose from all types of bicycles and brands. Do you want a cargo bike for heavy transport? An e-bike for speed? A mountain bike for fun?

Tax benefit

The monthly lease amount is a business expense that you can deduct from your annual profit. This results in a tax benefit.

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This calculator is based on the latest published tax information from the Ministry of Finance. The current income tax year is used as a basis, Lease a Bike does not guarantee future changes in the tax system. This calculation is therefore indicative and may in some cases deviate from the final amount to be paid.

All you need to know about leasing a bike

Business expense

Make bike leasing possible for you. Find the best way for your tax declaration together with your accountant

Work versus private use

A lease bike should be regularly used for commuting to work, according to the law. It is also allowed to use your bike within your private life. So ride your dream bike as much as you want!

Combined ways of commuting

A lease bike can be combined with a lease/ private car and public transport card.


Accessories such as a helmet and a chain lock are possible extras within the lease. Also accessories that can be attached to the bike itself. Except for a GPS.

How it works


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Get on the bike

Your company is added to our platform. Now you choose the bike of your dreams. The sky is the limit: you can choose from any type of bike and brand.



We've got you covered. An export of our digital platform provides you with all the necessary information for your administration.

What others say

The stories of people that joined the ride.

Lease a Bike quickly made a transparent proposal that was profitable for myself as well as for the buyer and the bike dealer. A win-win-win situation that resulted in two new satisfied customers in one deal.
Bart Buyck
We are very satisfied with the way Lease a Bike operates. They are always friendly and helpful. Everything was explained well and they made sure we could pick up our bikes from the bike store quickly. We highly recommend them!
De Deugnietjes
Super fast service at Lease a Bike! Registration went smoothly and the team communicated friendly and clearly.
Gunther Wuyts
Lease a Bike’s team welcomed us over the phone in a friendly manner. They explained everything clearly from beginning to end and followed up on everything. Thanks to their professional approach, Koen was able to ride his bike after only 3 days!
Scott Ronsijn

Step on a lease bike!

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I am a self-employed entrepreneur, is it possible to lease a bicycle?

Yes, it is also attractive for a self-employed entrepreneur to lease a bicycle. Nearly the same guidelines apply for employers & employees for you. You could decide to pay the bicycle in name of the company by deducting it from your salary and still enjoy the tax benefit. Talk to your accountant for the details!

Do I pay benefit of kind (voordeel alle aard) as a self-employed

You do not pay benefit of kind (voordeel alle aard) for your lease bike when you use it regularly for commuting from home to work.

What are the fiscal advantages for a self-employed of leasing in comparison to buying?

The monthly leasing costs are business costs. This will have as a result that there is a tax advantage because a lowering of the profit. The advantages of leasing a bicycle are mainly because of the low amount spread over a period of time. The average price of a bicycle is around €3000,-. By leasing a bicycle you do not have to pay this amount at once and the costs include maintenance and repair and insurance.

In addition to my lease bike, is it possible to document untaxed bicycle allowance?

The untaxed bicycle allowance can be combined with a lease bicycle. This is a maximum of 24 cent per kilometer.

Are there costs for a self-employed entrepreneur to become a Lease a Bike customer?

Joining Lease a Bike is free of charge.

What are the options regarding insurance & maintenance?

All contracts concluded by Lease a Bike are standard with all-risk insurance (without franchise) and 24/7 roadside assistance. You could also add a service package of choice. For example:

1. Basic - Covers up to € 100 in repairs and maintenance per year

2. Standard - Covers up to € 150 in repairs and maintenance per year

3. Premium - Covers all repairs and maintenance without limit

Speed ​​pedelec package - Covers up to € 300 in repairs and maintenance per year

Could I also add some accessories to the bike?

Yes, that's possible and it is also included in the lease price. Anything that can be attached to a bicycle, will be leased with the bicycle. A helmet and lock can of course be leased. Clothing and bicycle computers are not allowed.

What happens when the lease contract of 36 months ends?

We make an offer for you to take over the bicycle for +/- 15% of the value (new). The exact amount cannot be determined on forehand and depends on the final condition of the bicycle. If you are not interested in taking over the bicycle, we will take the bicycle back - free of charge.

Who owns the bicycle during the lease period?

The lease company is the owner of the bicycle during the entire lease period.

What resources do I need for the platform?

Not much: a computer with an internet connection and Google Chrome or Firefox browser.

How time-consuming will administration of this mobility plan be?

Lease a Bike offers a fully digital and automated platform where all relevant processes and parties come together. We truly make it easy to lease your dream bicycle!

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