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The benefits of a bike lease plan for your company

Fringe benefits

The most wanted fringe benefit in Belgium


Fitter employees: 1-2 days less absenteeism.

Tax benefit

Up to 40% cheaper than buying, at no additional cost to employers.


A powerful contribution to a green mobility plan.

Perfect match

Combine the bike lease plan with a lease car and a public transport card.

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How does bike leasing work for employers?

As an employer, you can choose to offer bicycle leasing in various ways: free of charge or with a (partial) contribution to the bicycle. In all scenarios, employees enjoy a tax advantage of around 40%. You do not pay any benefit in kind on a leased bicycle, because you use the bicycle regularly for commuting. You can also pay out a bicycle allowance.

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A bike lease plan for any size

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Your needs

How can we help you? Lease a Bike is fully equipped to meet your business needs. From a personalized platform to a state-of-the-art data protection program. We've got you covered.

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Finding the right fit

What works best for you? We offer you a range of services at no extra cost. From model contracts to advice on the business rules for your bicycle plan.

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Help with implementing

To ensure that your bike plan is going to be a success, our service includes an implementation plan with smart tips and best practices from other companies.

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Making life easy

We have a national dealer network. This means that there is always a dealer nearby. Your employees can choose from any type of bike and brand.

Companies that opted for the lease bike.

All companies and working individuals in Europe on a leased bike.

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How does leasing a bicycle work?

When we introduce a lease bike to your employees, we use the 'cafeteria plan'. In format employees can choose to exchange certain payment elements for their dream (lease) bike. For example: as part of a bonus, gross salary, 13th month.

How much administration will this mobility plan be?

Lease a Bike offers a fully digital and automated platform where all relevant processes and parties (employer, employee and bicycle dealer) come together. We truly make it easy to lease your dream bicycle! With one click of a button you can give every employee permission to lease a bicycle – or decline permission for that matter.

What about taxes and social security connected to a lease bike?

If the bicycle is used "regularly" for commuting, the bicycle is exempt from taxes for both employee as employer. You will save about 25% on taxes for social security. In general budget neutrality is applied for the employer and these savings will be reinvested in the lease cost of the bicycle.

Could you tell me more about the gross/net benefit for employees?

This depends on the model the company and employee or independent entrepreneur will choose. What ever plan fits, you will always enjoy financial benefits even when an company fully facilitates and does not contribute to the lease price. An employee could pay the lease costs (including maintenance and insurance package) with their gross salary. Depending on the employees tax bracket, he or she will then enjoy a tax advantage of at least 40% compared to a purchase. In our calculator you can calculate the costs and savings of a lease bicycle.

Is there a benefit in kind (voordeel alle aard) for the employee?

There is no benefit in kind (voordeel alle aard) voor employees when the bike is regularly used for commuting from home to work. It is advised to use a bike policy where the regular use is agreed between employer and employee.

What is a bicycle allowance?

With a lease bike in your near future you are already well on your way, but a bicycle allowance makes it complete! As an employer, you may pay a tax-free bicycle allowance up to 35 cent per cycled kilometer that the employee travels in commuting. There is no obligation to provide a bicycle allowance as this is separate from bicycle leasing.

Can the bike also be used for business purposed?

The bike can be used for business purposes as long as the bike is regularly used for commuting from home to work. It is not possible to use the bike only for business purposes.

How does a lease bicycle fit within our current mobility forms?

The lease bicycle if frequently offered in addition to the existing mobility plans. In addition to a lease car or usages of public transport as it fits perfectly within a mobility budget. It is also possible to offer a lease bicycle as an extra benefit.

Which bicycles can you choose from?

At Lease a Bike you can choose any bike from € 499 and up, with a free choice for all brands and types. From city to electric bike and mountain to racing bike: everything is possible, as long as it has two wheels. Even a speed pedelec is one of the options.

Where are employees able to buy a lease bicycle?

At Lease a Bike you are able to choose from over 450 bicycle dealers throughout Belgium. This could be a local store around the corner, or a specialty store somewhere in the country. You are also free to contact all these bicycle dealers for maintenance. Would you like to know which bicycle dealers are near? Simply search via our dealer locator.

What are the options regards insurance & maintenance?

All contracts concluded by Lease a Bike are standard with all-risk insurance (without own risk) and 24/7 roadside assistance. You could also add a service package of choice. For example:

1. Basic - Covers up to € 100 in repairs and maintenance per year

2. Standard - Covers up to € 150 in repairs and maintenance per year

3. Premium - Covers all repairs and maintenance without limit

Speed ​​pedelec package - Covers up to € 300 in repairs and maintenance per year

Is it possible to add some accessories to the bike?

Yes, that's possible and it is also included in the lease price. Anything that can be attached to a bicycle, will be leased with the bicycle. A helmet and lock can of course be leased. Clothing and GPS computers are not allowed.

Are there costs for the employer to become a Lease a Bike customer?

Joining Lease a Bike is free of charge.

How could an employer contribute to a bicycle lease?

Lease a Bike offers three different scenarios for offering a lease bike to employees.

1. Employer invests - The employer pays the full lease costs

2. Shared investment - Employer and employee determine the distribution of costs.     

3. Employer facilitates - The employee pays the full lease costs.

How can my employees pay for the lease costs?

Together with the employee are you free to choose to exchange the compensation elements they have available for the lease costs. Some examples of those elements are: 13th month, gross salary, downgrade of the commercial vehicle or a bonus.

Is it possible to do an early termination of the contract?

Every contract has a fixed term of 36 months, within this time it is not possible to end the lease contract.

What happens if an employee leaves the company during a lease contract?

Employer and employee mutually conclude an addendum to the employment contract before the employee is capable of starting a lease contract. Lease a Bike provides an example of this in which agreements are included in the event of premature termination. In this construction, the employer first makes sure the remaining lease funds are fully covered, to recount it to the employee. t is also possible for the employee to take over the bicycle, whereby the set price is deducted from the remaining lease installments. If an employer does not include this, Lease a Bike offers three other options to minimize the risk for the employer:

1. Employer has the option to pay off the remaining lease installments (without service and insurance costs);

2. Employer finds another employee to take over the existing lease contract;     

3. Employer can return a maximum of 4% of the active lease contracts to the lease company free of charge and without penalty. 

What happens when the lease contract of 36 months ends?

We make an offer for the employee to take over the bicycle for +- 15% of the value (new). The exact amount cannot be determined on forehand and depends on the final condition of the bicycle. If the employee is not interested in taking over the bicycle, we will take the bicycle back - free of charge. There is never a risk for the employee or employer here.

Who owns the bicycle during the lease period?

The lease company is the owner of the bicycle during the entire lease period.

What resources do I need for the platform?

Not much: a computer with an internet connection and Google Chrome or Firefox browser.

How do we process the lease contracts in our payroll?

To make the process as easy to manage as possible all lease contracts always start on the 1st of the month. If, in example, an employee picks up a bicycle the 22nd of the month, the contract starts on the 1st of the following month. For an overview of all active lease contracts, you can get an export from our platform. We provide this monthly.

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