Get on the bike of your dreams.

Save 40% compared to buying.

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Electric cargo bike €4,390
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Speed pedelec €4,199
Gazelle C8+HMB
E-bike €3,299
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Calculate what you can save

Biking is good for your health. Biking is good for your wallet.

Leasing a bike is 40% cheaper than buying it. Why? Because the price of the bike is deducted from your gross salary. In fact, if your employer contributes, you can save up to 80% compared to buying. Want to know how much you can save? Calculate it in less than 1 minute!

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The bike of your dreams in 4 steps


Convince your employer

Do you want a lease bike? Convince your employer. Good to know: a bicycle plan through Lease a Bike is 100% free for your employer. What's not great about that?


Sign up

If your company is convinced, we can draw up a bike plan for you in just a few days. Once the contracts are signed, you will receive a registration link to sign up.


Get on the bike

Choose the bike of your dreams. The sky is the limit: you can choose from any type of bike and brand. What do you want: quality, speed, cargo space or fun? We've got you covered.


Own your bike

You sign a 36-month contract with your employer. It is possible to buy your bicycle after your lease period. You then pay about 15% of the retail price.

What others say

The stories of people that joined the ride.

That was settled quickly! After three days I already had my bike.
Johny Meirsman
Lease a Bike is the best in bike leasing. They have a top-notch team that is always around for all employees who lease a bike.
Guido Mees
Lease a Bike’s team welcomed us over the phone in a friendly manner. Thanks to their professional approach, I was able to ride his bike after only 3 days!
Koen of Ronsijn Services
With Lease a Bike you have so much choice between bikes and you can go to a bike dealer of your choice. You can order your bike in one day. The process is very quick and easy.

Pick up your bike around the corner

With more than 450 dealers across the country, you can easily pick up your bike just around the corner. This is also very useful if your bike needs maintenance or repair.

Get on the bike of your dreams

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How does leasing a bicycle work?

After your employer introduced Lease a Bike, you are free to choose your perfect match using the 'cafeteria plan'. In this format you can choose to exchange certain payment elements for their dream (lease) bike. For example: as part of a bonus, gross salary, 13th month.

Which bicycles can I choose from?

At Lease a Bike you can choose any bike from € 499 and up, with a free choice for all brands and types. From city to electric bike and mountain to racing bike: everything is possible, as long as it has two wheels. Even a speed pedelec is one of the options.

Is there a benefit in kind for leasing a bicycle?

There is no benefit in kind when you use the lease bike regularly for commuting from home to work.

Could you tell me more about taxes and social security connected to a lease bike?

If the bicycle is used "regularly" for commuting, the bicycle is exempt from taxes.

How does the gross/net benefit work?

This depends on the model the company you work for will choose. Whatever plan fits, you will always enjoy financial benefits even when the company fully facilitates and does not contribute to the lease price. You will pay the lease costs (including maintenance and insurance package) with your gross salary. Depending on your tax bracket, you will enjoy a tax advantage of at least 40% compared to a purchase. In our calculator you can calculate the costs and savings of a lease bicycle.

Can I still receive a cycling allowance?

With a lease bike in your near future you are already well on your way, but a bicycle allowance makes it complete! A company can pay a tax-free bicycle allowance up to 24 cents per cycled kilometre the employee travels commuting. There is no obligation to provide a bicycle allowance as this is separate from bicycle leasing.

Am I the owner of the bicycle during the lease period?

No, the lease company is the owner of the bicycle during the entire lease period. After the end of the term (36 months) you will get an offer to take over the bike at a reasonable price. The moment you accept this offer, it will be yours completely.

How can I pay for the lease bike?

In agreement with your employer you can temporarily exchange a part of for example your salary for the leasing costs.

A few examples of benefits that you can trade for the leasing costs are:

  • 13th month
  • Gross salary
  • Downgrade of the company car
  • Bonus

Where can I get the lease bicycle?

At Lease a Bike you are able to choose from over 450 bicycle dealers throughout Belgium. This could be a local store around the corner, or a specialty store somewhere in the country. You are also free to contact all these bicycle dealers for maintenance. Would you like to know which bicycle dealers are near? Simply search via our dealer locator.

Is it possible to pay extra for a lease bike?

No, you have assigned a maximum amount from the employer. This is the budget from where you have to choose. If you want a more expensive bicycle, you can ask your employer to increase the budget.

What options are available for insurance and maintenance?

All contracts concluded by Lease a Bike are standard with all-risk insurance (without franchise) and 24/7 roadside assistance. You could also add a service package of choice. For example:

  1. Basic - Covers up to € 100 in repairs and maintenance per year
  2. Standard - Covers up to € 150 in repairs and maintenance per year
  3. Premium - Covers all repairs and maintenance without limit
  4. Speed ​​Pedelec - Covers up to € 300 in repairs and maintenance per year
Is it possible to add some accessories to the bike?

Yes, that's possible and it is also included in the lease price. Anything that can be attached to a bicycle, will be leased with the bicycle. A helmet and lock can of course be leased. Clothing and bicycle computers are not allowed.

What happens when the lease contract of 36 months ends?

We make you an offer to take over the bicycle for around 15% of its original. The exact amount cannot be determined in advance and depends on the final condition of the bicycle. If you are not interested in taking over the bicycle, we will take the bicycle back free of charge.

What are the costs for an employee to lease a bike?

There are no extra costs to use the service of Lease a Bike. An employer is free to choose between to facilitate or financially compensate the lease bike. What way your employer chooses, compared to a private purchase of a new bicycle you can always save up to 40% cheaper with a lease bicycle. This is because you can exchange your gross salary for the lease bike and therefore have a tax advantage. You can already calculate your costs and savings via our calculator.

What resources do I need for the platform?

Not much: a computer with an internet connection and Google Chrome or Firefox browser.

My bike is stolen, what do I do?

First report your stolen bike at the police. It is important that you have the two original keys of the bike and that the number of the bike frame is mentioned on the police report. You can find the number of the frame on our platform. Afterwards you can go to a Lease a Bike dealer and together you file the digital theft report. You will receive a replacement bike for a maximum of 7 days. The dealer will make sure you will a receive a bew bike. Luckily for you we will let your current contract running. There is no own risk for theft.

There is damage to my bicycle, what should I do?

If you have any damage to your bicycle, go to your Lease a Bike dealer as soon as possible and fill in the damage form together. If the bicycle dealer cannot repair the damage immediately, you are entitled to a replacement bicycle for a maximum of 7 days (note: only if you lease an e-bike or speed pedelec). There is no own risk on damage claims.

What to do when I need roadside assistence?

No problem! We work together with the VAB and roadside assistance is included in your contract. You can contact the VAB and they will help you as soon as possible.

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