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High class German manufacturing: that is where Kalkhoff stands for. For over a century, Kalkhoff has been building high-end bicycles that are almost made for eternity. The bikes from Kalkhoff, mainly e-bikes, feel at home in the urban jungle (city), on long bike rides (trekking), and off the beaten path (allroad). Because Kalkhoff values top quality so much, it tests its bicycles according to the strictest standards. Its test center, with no less than 30 different setups, is one of the largest and most advanced in Europe. Kalkhoff's e-bikes are true mile eaters. Typically the kind of bike you ride to work every day. And that's convenient because you can also lease Kalkhoff's e-bikes through your employer. All that's needed is your boss starting a bike plan.

Kalkhoff: indestructible bikes since 1919

Cloppenburg, Germany, 1919. When the barely 16-year-old postman Heinrich Kalkhoff notices a high demand for tires and other bicycle parts, he starts his own business from home under his family name. The enterprise grows rapidly and in 1927, when Kalkhoff is still only in his twenties, he makes a decision: he will produce bicycle wheels. From bicycle wheels to complete bikes is a small step and Kalkhoff becomes a bicycle manufacturer. The family business experiences a growth spurt after World War II: cars are still scarce and the demand for mobility is high. Kalkhoff sometimes produces up to 5,000 frames per day. The oil crisis of the 1970s gives Kalkhoff another boost. In 2007, Kalkhoff produces its first e-bike.

"Indestructible bicycles of top quality, tested according to the strictest standards"

Your Kalkhoff Endeavour or Kalkhoff Image via your employer

Kalkhoff offers its bicycles according to four usage types: for short rides in the city, daily commuting, long tours, and off-road. In practice, it often concerns e-bikes, making Kalkhoff bicycles ideal for bike plans. Its top models are called Endeavour and Image. The PLUS+ models are particularly noteworthy: bicycles with a carrying capacity of 170 kilograms. Handy if you are larger in stature or often ride with a lot of luggage or a heavy bike trailer.

Kalkhoff Plus+: e-bikes with a load capacity of up to 170 kg

Many Kalkhoff e-bikes are available as so-called PLUS+ models. These electric bikes have a maximum load capacity of 170 kg and can therefore also handle extra luggage. For you, this means that you have even more flexibility when you're on the road - both for weekly errands and longer trips. You recognise Kalkhoff PLUS+ e-bikes by the + in the model name.

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