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"Lease a Bike helps us operate across borders"

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Boels Rental is one of Europe's largest rental companies in both machine rental and specialist rental. The Sittard-based (South of the Netherlands) family business is now operating in 18 countries and has 7,000 employees. Those employees stay fit and vital thanks to the company bikes and bicycle plans offered by Lease a Bike. "Just like Boels, Lease a Bike is active in several European countries and expanding, which makes it the ideal partner for us," says Carlon Steijvers, Senior HR Officer at Boels.

An excellent way for employers to increase employee satisfaction is by offering their employees a company bike. Employees profit a lot since leasing a bike instead of buying one is 25% up to 80% more beneficial, thanks to the tax benefit. Furthermore: the purchase is spread over 36 lease terms. Another big plus is that all maintenance and insurance is included. Above all, a company bike stimulates employees to move more, whether commuting or for private bike rides. The result: fit and vital employees.

A care free bike plan

These advantages are exactly the reasons why Boels started a bicycle plan. However, the rental company had more requirements. The lease bike provider they wanted to work with had to be a real partner. One that – just like them – is also internationally active. And who could also offer a bicycle plan without the HR department working overtime. Carlon Steijvers, Senior HR Officer at Boels at the Sittard headquarters: "If you have 7,000 employees working at your company, divided between Boels and Cramo, then you do not want a bike plan that is time-consuming for your organization. We were looking for a provider who has fully digitized the process. Taking out a bike should be simple and hassle-free."

Knowledge of the local market

Boels found a great partner in Lease a Bike. "The whole process is streamlined through the fully digital and automated platform, from admitting employees to the bicycle plan to singing the lease contract," says Steijvers. "A big plus is that Lease a Bike is active in several countries including those where we have many employees situated: Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands." Soon Austria will follow, another country that Lease a Bike is expanding to too. "Lease a Bike knows its way around all those countries, and that makes a huge difference. They know the laws and regulations around company bike plans and have their own extensive network of bicycle shops. Lease a Bike is experienced in rolling out a bicycle plan in a new region."

Cycling beats the car

Among colleagues there is a lot of demand for the bicycle plan, especially now that petrol prices have risen considerably. As an extra incentive, Boels increased the spending limit within the bicycle plan, so that even speed pedelecs can be chosen. Carlon Steijvers: "For many, the company bike is a serious alternative to the car, especially if you live up to a maximum of 25 kilometers from work." She praises Lease a Bike for its wide range of types of bikes and brands, so that there is an ideal bike for every employee. "One colleague opted for a cargo bike and another for a mountain bike. You have to come to the office by bike regularly, but you can use it in your free time as much as you want as well."

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